North Carolina University is rich in trapeze, Jordan and Carter is from the basketball elite, but North Carolina also striker, Fox is the case. In the four years of North Carolina's effectiveness, Fox three-point shooting rate of 39%, of which two seasons three-point shooting more than 43%. Fox is not the kind of natural shooter, Fox students in the late 80s and early 90s, that time three-pointers are far less like this is regarded as offensive artifact, in many offensive mode is still in the supporting role Matt Cullen Jersey. Fox voted three points also from a jerky to a proficient process, his freshman season only dropped into three notes three points, but then increased year by year, junior and senior season total hit 137 three-pointers. The above words from the Spurs coach Popovich Taylor Chorney Jersey, it is difficult to imagine a player to see 30 minutes to feel contrary to the team basketball coach Pascal Dupuis Jersey, will openly ask a player to shoot more points Brandon Sutter Jersey. Has always been calm Popovich also have anxious time, he hoped that someone can be injured in Leonard came out to pick up the team, Aldridge is the first candidate, but Ade's performance so that Bo Shuai quite hate The feeling of steel is not steel.