From the absolute talent point of view, Fox is not prominent, he has a clear understanding of their tactical positioning Penguins Jersey, that is, play a role in the team system, rather than blind individual singles. North Carolina basketball style is to focus on teamwork, even when Jordan in the team, it can not be divorced from the team play. North Carolina's basketball concept has a deep impact on Fox, making him a very strong team player, and his three-pointers can always be right in the team tactics play a role Jaromir Jagr Jersey. ?Warriors have made two 4-0 sweep, and 2-0 lead in the West, tomorrow they will usher in the third war with the Spurs. The playoffs so far, the Warriors have made ten consecutive victories, averaging 10 points per game against the opponent, the last one is in the Oracle Arena victory over the Spurs 36 points. But the Warriors are still not satisfied, the team that the best state has not yet come Spurs coach Bobovich in today's pre-season training announced the news of Leahnard absence G3. "In the end, this is my decision, he is not afraid to play, but he is not ready, so we will not let him debut." Popovich said. For Andre in the absence of the third war, Popovich said it was from the love of long-term health point of view to consider, he is not sure whether Leonard will miss the whole series. "I have not thought about the fourth war Penguins Jersey Sale, my mind is the next game." Bo Shuai stressed. Although Leonard missed the third war, but the Spurs are not particularly pessimistic, Danny - Green told reporters, "the Spurs are still very promising Robert Bortuzzo Jersey.